In an initiative in hydroelectric projects, Enerpeixe S.A. deals with issues of land acquisition, relocation, resettlement and monitoring the quality of life of the resettled population in a participatory manner through a Negotiation Forum.

Coordinated and instituted by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) through Ordinance No. 08, in December 2, 2003, the Negotiation Forum is composed of a holder and an alternate formally nominated by the following entities: Naturatins ( (Peixe, São Salvador do Tocantins and Paranã), representatives of the community or representative entity of the population affected by AHE Peixe Angical, Enerpeixe SA (Secretary of State of São Paulo), Federal Public Ministry, State Public Ministry, representatives of the Executive Branch of the municipalities involved. ), Copeixe - Consortium of Owners and Occupants of Urban and Rural Properties Affected by AHE Peixe Angical and MAB - Movements of People Affected by Dams, and may also receive as other guests in their meetings according to the issues at hand.

Participatory Process

Despite not having a deliberative character, the Negotiation Forum is a breakthrough in entrepreneur relations, affected by dams and agencies involved, as it enables the community to propose and debate issues related to environmental programs for land acquisition, relocation and resettlement (urban and rural), as well as to the quality of life of the resettled population. With the Forum, Enerpeixe is able to carry out the issues addressed and agreed in this participatory process, effectively addressing the situations of families affected by reservoir formation.

It is a democratic space for dialogue where the community can express its wishes, clarify its doubts, establish its positions and, together with the Licensing / Oversight Bodies and the Company, reach a consensus. The involvement of the parties in the regular meetings has reflected everyone's commitment to the success of the treatments given to affected families.


The Negotiating Forum is a permanent forum for dialogue aimed at proposing consensus solutions for issues not foreseen in the environmental programs for land acquisition, urban and rural relocation and for monitoring the quality of life of the resettled population, as well as actions, and more specifically:

Contribute to the clarifications provided to the population and to the representatives of the legally constituted entities of the population, by the formation of the reservoir of the AHE Peixe Angical; Evaluate and propose referrals as a contribution to the solution of cases that do not fit into the established treatment modalities for each of the categories defined in the urban relocation environmental programs, according to the data collected in the year 2000, in the review of the socioeconomic register and the cadastral topographic demarcation of the reservoir envelope area carried out in 2003, which delimited the properties affected by AHE Peixe Angical. Therefore, the Negotiation Forum contributes to demonstrate that the socioeconomic and environmental impacts caused by the implementation of AHE Peixe Angical are treated by Enerpeixe and other competent bodies in a fair and responsible manner, becoming a space where the measures are based on established technical criteria and commitments made during the implementation of the project.


"The Negotiation Forum is an unprecedented initiative in the process of environmental licensing in the country. A very significant advance in the institutional relations between IBAMA and the entrepreneur and an interest of the company in working the issue of negotiation in a more transparent way."

Soraia Fernanda Martins - Ibama - TO

"This negotiation, this discussion and this dialogue allow the impacted person to be the one responsible for choosing the type of treatment he or she will have."

Álvaro Lotufo Manzano - Attorney of the Republic - TO

"Even before the damage is caused, the solutions have already been presented. This forum makes it possible for everyone to meet, making the public authorities aware of what really worries the community."

Mateus Ribeiro dos Reis - Promoter of Justice of the district of Palmeirópolis - TO