The construction of a hydroelectric plant is very complex, it is necessary to raise socio-economic impacts in the municipalities affected by the plant. This means talking about community. ENERPEIXE implements mitigating and / or compensatory measures.

In the municipalities of Peixe and São Valério da Natividade, which had a significant population increase, infrastructure works were carried out in the areas of Education, Health, Basic Sanitation and Public Safety, as well as the promotion of reinforcement of public services signed through agreements between the entrepreneur and the entities.

The Environmental Education Program of ENERPEIXE, run by UNIRG - Regional University of Gurupi, carries out actions directly with the community and school, aiming to stimulate the community to develop values ​​and behaviors, which result in new postures and actions for an active participation in the process of socio-environmental changes resulting from the new environmental reality.

When the work finished, there will be a slowdown in the economy of the cities of Peixe and São Valério da Natividade.

ENERPEIXE carried out, through research carried out by SEBRAE, the potentialities of the local economy, for later instrumentalization of the community through professional training and reinforcement of local productive skills, favoring income generation and improving the community's quality of life. These courses will be taught by FIETO / SESI