In the terrestrial environment actions are like sedimentological, seismological and hydrogeological monitoring, an evaluation of the marginal margins and the climate. Meteorological stations were installed in the area of ​​influence of the future reservoir for the monitoring of the climate.

Geological and geotechnical characterization studies, more specific in marginal strips and urban areas, together with the monitoring of the water table, through the installation of a network of piezometers and shallow wells, which serves to delimit the areas prone to the development of erosive processes and guarantee the health of the population. These actions are in partnership with UnB - Universidade de Brasilia.

To monitor the influence of the wild, are realized: population density, behavioral and alimentary behaviors, birth rate and mortality, as well as the migration routes. In order to do that, ENERPEIXE contracted Systema Naturae of Environmental Consulting, a company with a veterinary center in the Construction Site.

Another concern of ENERPEIXE is the conservation of biodiversity of regional flora. These actions are in partnership with the Federal University of Lavras - UFLA. Seeds were collected for breeding and planting in the reservoir areas. The nursery of seedlings built in the Construction Site has the capacity for germination of 100,000 seedlings.

For multiple use of the reservoir an area of ​​approximately 9 thousand hectares was deforested. These actions helped and supported the occupation and ordering of the surroundings of the reservoir, guaranteeing an environmental conservation.

ENERPEIXE in partnership with FIOCRUZ - Instituto Osvaldo Cruz Foundation, since 2004, develops monitoring and vector control actions, which are extended up to 2 years after the reservoir closes.

Currently, all programs are environments with activities, which makes fieldwork difficult to access. The teams are always in contact with the population and are assisted by the Public Relations Team, which performs volunteer and collective services.