Enerpeixe is an electricity public service concessionaire, in accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Decree of October 15, 2001 and Concession Agreement No. 1302001 - ANEEL - UHE Peixe Angical signed with the Federal Government of Brazil (Granting Authority), aimed at the exploitation of the hydraulic potential of Tocantins River, with an installed capacity of 498.75 MW, classified as a public utility of national relevance.

For the implementation of Peixe Angical HPP, an engineering and environmental feasibility study was carried out to determine the exact location of the dam axis and measure out the lake area, thereby maximizing the generation of electric power and minimizing any socio-environmental impacts. Construction works accounted for more than 5,000 direct and 6,000 indirect jobs.The energy produced by the turbines is conveyed to the North/South system with a 20km transmission line (LT 500kV), connecting the plant to the Peixe II substation.

Enerpeixe S.A. is made up of shareholders, EDP Energias do Brasil SA, privately-owned with 60% of the shares, and Eletrobras Furnas, which owns 40% of the state capital.

Enerpeixe's mission is to generate electricity to meet the growth of Brazil, with quality and respect for the environment