In order to carry out these actions, ENERPEIXE teams are assisted by the company's Public Relations department. In addition to supporting environmental programs, the Public Relations team establishes a direct channel with the affected community, taking information about activities developed and clarifying their doubts.

To maintain this dialogue with the community, the Public Relations team holds meetings, collective and individual flyers, and uses audio visual resources such as brochures, booklets, lectures, advertisements in newspapers and radio. It also has a Service Desk with free service of 0800.

For the internal public, "How to Act in the Community" training was carried out, with the aim of using the same language to the community, creating a "step by step" of how to act in the community, as well as maintaining communication and integration with this public.

All these actions have as main focus the transparency in the actions developed by ENERPEIXE and the respect to the community.